Easy Star All Stars - Sgt. Dub

Posted by admin in Chapstick on August 3rd, 2009 10:36am

Junior Backstage - Starr Hill

Amidst the sounds of bongs gurgling, horns blaring, and rhyme words, snares, and shakers ridiculously reverberating, that catchy, funny accent that can only be deemed “Rasta” heralds the long-awaited Beatles tribute album from Easy Star All StarsSgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Dub Band.

The third album of its kind, Dub Band follows up tributes Radiodread (Radiohead, OK Computer) and Dub Side of the Moon (Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon), and features the likes of MatisyahuLucianoThe Mighty DiamondsRanking, and more.Dubbing out this album aka making it distinctly Reggae are the rolling, persistent Reggae bass lines, incredibly distinct horn sounds, fills and drills and accents of all sorts of percussion instruments. And of course, the slight vocal rearrangements, as in the dubbed Lovely Rita when the Easy Star All Stars belt out, “When are you free to smoke some tea with me?!”

How different is this than the original Sgt. Peppers? Well, just different enough to be called a creative reimagining of the work that won’t offend the Beatles purists out there, but just similar enough to have your little old heart beating with all the nostalgia of the first time you listened to this legendary album, which is rumored to have made Brian Wilson go into full mental collapse (although, I have heard that the sight of Bill Brasky nude is what pushed Mr. Wilson over the edge).

Yes, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is on there. Yes, Day in the Life. Yes, Good Morning, Good Morning. Yes, Benefit of Mr. Kite. Only this time, your head is going to nod enough to give you whiplash. Your arms will rise of their own volition in front of your body and begin waving to the rhythms as well. Hell, by then end of it you’re going to be wearing a Jamaica flag tanktop, have dreadlocks tucked up in one of those woven basket hats, and walk around with a natural bouncy beat in your step. The slight twist is that you’ll be singing to yourself, “We shall (we shall) scrimp and save! Granchildren on your knee, Vera, Chuck, and Dave.” (You know you sing the front parts and backup parts. We all do.)

The Easy Star All Stars are on a massive, mostly European tour for the summer. All the Easy Star All Stars albums are available on their record label, Easy Star Recordings (www.easystar.com).

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Posted by paul in Chapstick, Volume 12 on December 10th, 2008 01:57am

A quick moment of reflection before I launch into this one. I think I became employed today…although I’m still looking for a better job…economic crisis aside, I really did just need to start working. (More on that later.)

Two thoughts, simple yet profound, on what people are not meant to withstand extended periods of.

The first: people are not meant to be unemployed. It’s terrible meeting people, as the prime thing on everyone’s mind when you are meeting someone is, “I wonder what he or she does?” Well, I don’t do anything. So get over it!

The second: people are not meant to be alone. There are all kinds of strange thoughts that I have. I need people to hear me say these thoughts outloud, then to immediately tell me of their absolute incongruous nature to reality. Also, for reasons unexplained, I start believing anything I read or hear. I become incapable of editing anything.

Anyway, on to the music…

Oh yes! ps. This wholly unclassified piece of work that has become Chapstick Weekly is great and I appreciate you for staying the course in this not-exactly-critical, not-nearly-weekly, not-really-a-magazine collection of musings. I like that I am not insistent on being the first to cover new or albums and it is still appreciated. I also like that there is absolutely no regularity to this, but people continue to ask me about it. So besa me, besa me mucho, which, I believe, means thank you in Italian.

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Posted by paul in Chapstick, Volume 12 on December 10th, 2008 01:49am

Really quick, some one-sentence summaries for the shows I’ve seen over my extended chapped lipped period recently. Please note the effort I give to masking my run-on sentences.

ps. Where’s my chippie? pps. Everybody’s famous on YouTube. pps. This is me on a daily basis, really, it’s just funnier seeing someone else do it.

Blitzen Trapper: Remarkable in their excellent musicianship and steady tempo; fantastically executed and surprising in their complete wholeness on stage.

Horse Feather: Quiet, delicate, and truffled.

Megafaun: No one has tried to mix ambient electronic with some of the best bluegrass music I have ever heard with such alarming alacrity as these guys ps. they are really funny too.

VHS or Beta / Rapture DJ set: Something about celebrity DJ sets makes me wonder what they actually must be listening to.

Mad Rad: I don’t claim to know much about hiphop, but I think these guys were more rap, I did have fun after a few (6 or 9) shots amidst shirtless, upper-body, slam-dancing and a lyrical post-natal quest to return to the womb.

Elms: Another solid performance by this Indiana band whose talent never ceases to amaze me.

Wolf Parade: Good show, good performance, good music, good people, good times, good night.

The Duke Spirit: Despite being under the weather and thinking that they sounded not so good, this band had the voice of Brazilian Girls and the sound of well, Wolf Parade!

The Duke Spirit afterparty DJ: Really dug your mix, good sir i.e. in the words of Tim and Eric, Great Job!

30-year-old Private Bday Party I Crashed on Saturday DJ: Was this you too? Many good songs mixed in with what can only be compared to the better half of the wedding song catalogue.

VHS or Beta: A quiet night at James and Marple’s transformed into an engaging, danceable show; and yes, I sang along and yes, I saw you looking at me doing it.

Tom Morello: Sucked! Aka to be expected as the best moment of his concert was a brief 15-second Rage guitar part.

Tom Morello Encore: Dear Woody Guthrie, Please forgive Tom for making all the crowd sing along to his hard rock version of This Land Is Your Land. Love, paul.

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Chapstick Weekly-ish, duh

Posted by paul in Chapstick, Volume 11 on October 28th, 2008 09:31pm

And so the journey continues! Writing now, in the battle tried and true, from Bloomington, Indiana, where I’m learning how to save lives. Not the ordinary kind of life saving, but the basic kind, offered exclusively to anyone willing to sit through 14 consecutive days of 8 hour lectures, and end up on the other side knowing how to deliver babies, what an Epi-pen is, and of course, with a state licensure for an EMT-B (one step above a CPR certified individual).

Contrary to popular belief, this certification actually makes you smarter and more qualified than a physician to deliver lifesaving efforts. It’s true, the lectures of this class definitely make a clear argument that a two-week EMT certification course, although a pain in the ass, actually makes a person “the most valuable person in a community, valued more than doctors, nurses, attorneys, and teachers.” That’s right! MVP baby!

On a personal note, I’m going to wait for my first save to get that EMT tattoo on my arm. I’m very nervous about doing CPR for the first time, but I’m ready to get someone to the hospital in a flurry of lights and scraping metal.

Anyway…what’s in store for some great music? I’ve got some new groups chiming around between the headphone earpieces, and, without further ado….

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Dublin Rising and The Laundry Shop

Posted by paul in Chapstick, Volume 11 on October 28th, 2008 09:29pm

Among the more curious twists of fates is my crossing of paths with one Sam McCutcheon of Dublin in the last weeks. He instantly promoted a band (which, I believe is the case where he has played on recordings, but is not officially a member), The Laundry Shop (www.myspace.com/thelaundryshop).

Now, before we get to reviewing their Altoid-like album (curiously strong, duh), it should be noted that Dublin, as far as I have observed, is serving as an extemporaneous Eden for a Genesis of great music. Hold on Austin, Louisville, Minneapolis, and Seattle! Dublin has some things appearing out of nowhere, much as a result of their thriving live performance scene, as well as the personal dedication some people are showing to their own productions. I’m going to do something out of the ordinary here and…post some videos!?

Now for The Laundry Shop. Their influences, immediately clear, stem from the strong London and UK rhythmic punk as seen with Bloc Party and what very similar to She Wants Revenge. Thoughtful lyrics and up-tempo guitar sections reminding me in bursts of Silversun Pickups and The May Fire.
If this band, and the others to follow, speak to the uprising of the Dublin bar scene, great! Fantastic! It seems that there exists an even more pressing reason for me to scurry on over to Dublin. It probably falls into the category of things I shouldn’t be surprised about, but I didn’t see a bunch of great music coming out of Dublin. Eyes open, people!

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What Dublin Has in Store…

Posted by paul in Chapstick, Volume 11 on October 28th, 2008 09:27pm

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Buy the Kings of Leon, Only by The Night

Posted by paul in Chapstick, Volume 11 on October 28th, 2008 09:24pm

You probably already bought this album, so, ironically, that speaks to the necessity of it being placed here is in case you haven’t. Layered, effected guitars, over an iron-clad backbone of drums and bass complement one of the most compelling, original voices currently in rock. And, amazingly, they don’t stray far from that genre’s center. Bands out there: this is something to strive for. Listeners out there: take notes on how a great band can take a minimalist approach, disregard danceability and pop appeal, and release a meaningful, complete album.

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PR battles the vicious MCAT

Posted by paul in Chapstick, Volume 10 on September 10th, 2008 07:02pm

And the return! Brush off your doldrums! MCAT complete, I’ve escaped to recover my sanity away from the testing…the testing…o! the testing!

In the meantime, your thirsts have not gone unnoticed, your raspy breath, dilated eyes, and salty torsos! Here is the interstellar burst. Here is the whining sound of a thousand cicadas! More bitesize, less regular, equally endeavoring, arguably thoughtful, aggravatingly untimed, inevitably weekly-ish, and good for your lips!

Let’s open this up! I need some contributors. I’ll do whatever it takes (aside from paying you cash), as in I’ll help you line up interviews, get passes for shows, edit, find photos. You want to submit a mix, that’s great! You want to submit an article? Even better! You want to just Email me and say something like, “Hey dude, you missed the release of this album, dummy.” That’s fine. Just send it on. This thing doesn’t write itself, harharhar!

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Thanks to all!

Posted by paul in Chapstick, Volume 9 on July 22nd, 2008 12:27pm

Oo-de-lally! Oo-de-lally! The Chapstick Weekly Launch Party was superfab, and I thought I’d say a few things about it!

First off, on the monitors during the evening were two videos:
First, the Disney animated Robin Hood, probably the greatest Disney movie ever (I can see a top five really of greatest evers, also including Winnie the Pooh, Fantasia, Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan…but we should all go ahead and agree that Robin Hood takes the Gold - I mean, check out legendary singer/songwriter Roger Miller as the Rooster).

Second Powaqqatsi, presented by Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas. It’s basically a collection of great clips that are supposed to show “Life in Transition” aka the effects of modernization on 3rd world developing cultures.

Second off:
The model and makeup design was done by Katie Jones at Savvy Salon. If you didn’t see it, you missed out. You can see some more of her work at the upcoming Oranje. Definitely worth your while, even if your interest in fashion and style is circumstantial.

Third off:
I’d love to get some input about future parties. What do you think?

And! Then! There comes a time when it’s time to say thanks. So here it is, short and sassy (or concise and clear if we want to do professional, resume-sounding terms).

Thanks to you, Katie Jones, for being the most amazing, remarkable person I have ever known! It was a pleasure to have your involvement in this event, and I can’t tell you thanks enough for all your support and help! Gracias! Gracias! De nada!

Thanks to you, Clay Reinken, for getting the design aspect of the site looking like it’s a real site and not something that I did.

Thanks to you, Alex Jimenez, for running for Mayor in 2011.

Thanks to you, Patrick McNellie, for helping me out in the many small areas you did.

Thanks to you, beer people, for donating beer!

Thanks to all of you, for helping to make my event a success. Hope to see you at the next one!

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Chapstick Weekly Release Party Tonight!

Posted by paul in Chapstick, Volume 9 on July 19th, 2008 01:41pm

MF! The party is upon us, as suddenly as a 30 degree weather shift in Indiana! An electric feeling, from the depth of my tarsals to the tingling ends of my carpals, is reverberating through my body. I hear a maniac, purple-hatted Gene Wilder shouting/singing something over the storm! It’s kind of like this:

There’s no earthly way of knowing
Which direction we are going!
There’s no knowing where we’re rowing
Or which way the river’s flowing!
Is it raining?
Is it snowing?
Is a hurricane a-blowing?
Not a speck of light is showing,
So the danger must be growing.
Are the fires of hell a-glowing?
Is the grisly reaper mowing?
Yes, the danger must be growing
‘Cause the rowers keep on rowing
And they’re certainly not showing
Any signs that they are slowing!

STOP THE BOAT! Savvy Salon on the BRAVE (BroadRipple Avenue) will be momentarily become an outrageous oasis to the desert of style and good music typically found in Broad Ripple on Saturday nights (in fact, probably found in most major cities….).

Editors Note: Savvy Salon could always be considered this Oasis.

There will be drinks and dancing, wanderings and wonderment, and great music all night! Pull up your socks, jump of your boat docks, and be ready to rock! I’m going to karate chop a panther, I’ve done it before!

See you there, we couldn’t do it without your imagination and shaking booties! After all, We are the Music Makers, we are the Dreamers of Dreams.

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BEER! with Tony…

Posted by paul in Chapstick, Volume 9 on July 19th, 2008 01:39pm

It is safe to say that the best beers in the world come from Belgium. Before the goose-steppers ran amuck, Belgium boasted more than 3000 breweries, today that figure is around 100. Even American breweries have taken notice and started to reproduce and play around with traditional Belgian beer recipes.

Allagash brewery from Portland, Maine has emerged as one of the leading American breweries producing authentic Belgian style beers. They serve up a plethora of different and creative beers, ranging from under $10 to nearly $20 a bottle. For this article, I recommend sampling their Triple Reserve. Allagash’s Triple Reserve is a bench mark upon which most other triples can and should be measured against. Their Triple has a high carbonation (I imagine it is what fizzy lifting drink feels like on one’s tongue), and a cloudy, golden, almost honey coloration. As in the nature of Belgian-style beers, you will immediately notice a quickly-fading, not overly-sweet taste to it.

With a price tag of $7.92 at the ghetto shop down the street, it is reasonably priced (for one 750mL bottle, so the size of two large pints), and it packs a punch at 9% alcohol. If you’re not in the know, please pour your Belgian style beers into a rounded bottom glass (think brandy glass, goblet, large wine glass, etc), and if you don’t have one of those, just use any glass you got.

For Tony the Yodeling Shetland Pony’s sanity, please do not be a philistine and drink it out of the bottle, you will be like a child clown without shoes! Have you ever seen one? It’s disgusting!

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Tastin’ Summertime!

Posted by paul in Chapstick, Volume 9 on July 19th, 2008 01:38pm

Music and umbrellas set the scene on the front deck of Taste Cafe in SoBro (South Broad Ripple)! Cool off with a cool lunch with the many gourmet salads to choose from. (Esp. our savvy favorite: beet salad, tortellini salad, and curry chicken topped off with a quenching tea/lemonade beverage. Numbingly deliciosa!

Speaking of taste, check out the Ronson genes! Charlotte Ronson, sister of music maestro Mark Ronson, has a remarkable clothing line that found now at Urban Outfitters! From high-waisted sailor shorts to stacked sandals, this line is a savvy favorite!

ps. Duh! “Electric Feel” by MGMT is totally beaching!
pps. Savvy is proud to launch “what’s next” in hair care, by Sebastian. www.sebastianprofessional.com

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